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Simply the Best Windows95 & 98 Web Monitor
for Tracking Your Kids or Employees Online


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For Windows XP: Please use TypeAgent 
Record and Monitor all Activity on your Computer

A. Value Systems presents . . .
a powerful windows 95/98 tool that parents can use to easily log visited websites, filter online porn, and encourage appropriate computer use

            Ideal too for companies looking for a kinder, gentler yet efficient way to discourage online goofing off.  (It's estimated that up to 30 percent of computer time is wasted in non-productive pursuits, such as playing games online). MoM helps you enforce your acceptable use policy!

Record and Monitor all Activity on your Computer

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MoM the Web Monitor

What MoM Can Do:

 -> Block Objectionable Websites ~ MoM safeguards your children online, even when you're not there!  

flag_red.gif (97 bytes) Log URLs ~ Use MoM's Log Book and the handy PEEK button to glimpse the trail of websites surfed into over the course of the day.   There's even a time/date stamp.

flag_red.gif (97 bytes) View Thumbnail Screen-Shots ~ You can set MoM to randomly save hundreds of screen-shots over the course of the day.  Watch the time-lapse movie, or click a thumbnail to view, save or improve the quality on any screen image.  Visualize exactly where your PC has been traveling on the web.  MoM does it all!

flag_red.gif (97 bytes) Capture Any Screen ~ MoM’s Screen Capture facility lets you save any number of web pages, then improve image quality using contrast, brightness and other controls. Plus thumbnail screen-shots are easily resized for viewing.

flag_red.gif (97 bytes)   MoM Uses Common Sense ~ Step away from your PC and MoM knows to stop saving screen-shots.  MoM economizes.  Resume surfing, and MoM knows you're back.  MoM's smart.  She even emits a gentle BEEP when you surf into an off-limits site. (MoM studied behavior modification).

flag_red.gif (97 bytes) MoM Knows the Naughty Words ~ MoM comes packed with its own list of "default naughty words," as well as less-obvious words to track, such as "blood," "kill," "bludgeon" and so on. There’s even a "game set," keeping tabs on words such as solitaire, cards, dice, etc., all popular time-wasters in the workplace

flag_red.gif (97 bytes) Easy to Use. Installs Automatically  ~ MoM requires 20 MB of hard-drive space, and runs on Pentium-based Windows 95 computers.

flag_red.gif (97 bytes) Easy on the Wallet, Too ~ MoM's full-featured   version (packed with options) costs only $20 to Register.  

DOWNLOAD Windows 95/98 "MoM" TODAY!

DOWNLOAD for XP Home, Pro, and XP Media ($29.99)

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Protect Your Child by Monitoring Online Activity

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